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AI-based Drug Re-innovation

The traditional paradigm in the pharmaceutical industry of selecting new chemical entities that are put through lead identification and selection in drug discovery and development is marred by decade-long timelines, high costs that increase every year, and low success rates. Consequently, many diseases and medical conditions remain without treatments. Yet, an underutilized and expansive universe of potential drug candidates exists that consists of approved products that could be effective for additional indications as well as compounds that have already demonstrated safety in prior clinical trials but may have been discontinued by their original developers for various reasons.

BioXcel Therapeutics is focused on AI-based drug re-innovation in neuroscience. We expedite the discovery and development of new indications for existing late-stage drug candidates and/or approved drugs by leveraging NovareAI: a composite of AI tools and approaches. NovareAI enables us to reduce therapeutic development costs, potentially accelerate timelines, while improving the success rate of bringing new treatment options to patients.

From Product Concept to First-in-Human Clinical Trials Using Composite AI

Neuroscience is an area in need for innovative treatments – and one that presents many challenges to drug developers. Designed to address these challenges, our AI-based approach through NovareAI enables us to efficiently review the high volume of new scientific data published annually and explore connections between complex neural circuitry and medicines to identify new opportunities.

NovareAI: Ecosystem for Drug Discovery and Development

Accelerating Drug Development

Our AI-based approach led to the advancement of our first commercial product, IGALMI™ (dexmedetomidine) sublingual film, from our first-in-human clinical trials to FDA approval and launch in less than four years. 

Building a Pipeline of Diverse Drug Candidates

Our AI-based approach is uncovering potential new drug candidates, including BXCL502 for the treatment of chronic agitation in dementia and BXCL503 for the treatment of apathy in dementia. 

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